Everyday we work to reduce our environmental footprint while delivering exceptional dining services.  We also provide expertise and practical solutions to help reduce environmental impacts on campus.

  • Over 90% of vending machines are HFC-free and run on 9-12 amps (the same energy needed to power a laptop!)
  • Dedicated recycling program for all bottles, glass, plastic, metal, and cardboard.
  • Removal of garburators to eliminate solid waste in our sewage system. 
  • 40% waste reduction improvement since 2013.
  • Work with all food vendors to ensure best sustainable practices.

This includes:

  1. Frito Lay collapses and reuses boxes for future orders.
  2. Wallace and Carey, Gordon Food Services, and Starbucks utilize re-useable crates for all deliveries.
  3. Anti-idling practices. No vehicles allowed to be left running more than three minutes in Shipping and Receiving. 


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