At MacEwanEats, our team works everyday to reduce our environmental footprint while delivering exceptional dining services on campus. We have a commitment to improve the environment and recognize that the decisions we make today connect us to our future.



  • Our cutlery is biodegradable
  • We have reusable containers from our Green To Go Program
  • We serve fair trade and organic coffee that is sustainably responsible
  • Our Alberta beef is 100% hormone and antibiotic free
  • We serve a large selection of certified organic products of Canada at the Convenience Store
  • Our seafood is certified by Canada’s Ocean Wise Program.
  • We proudly serve vegetarian and vegan options on all campuses.
  • 30% of food and beverages served on campus are locally sourced


We are committed to re-purposing campus space to grow food locally and naturally and activating solutions for positive environmental, social and economic impact.

Urban Cultivator Project

Located in City Centre Market in Building 6, our urban cultivators are growing fresh herbs and micro greens for our Food Services team. 

Tower Gardens Project

Tower Gardens is a pilot project that re-purposes limited space on campus and grows produce and fruit using a patented vertical watering cycle. Located at the bottom of the spiral staircase in Building 6, be sure to visit MacEwan’s first urban garden.


Green to Go

More than 2,500 meals, snacks and beverages are sold on campus every day.  While that may sound like it could result in a lot of trash, a joint initiative between MacEwan Eats and the Office of Sustainability is ensuring that eating on campus doesn’t come at the cost of the environment.

Green to Go is a practical way for you to help foster environmental sustainability on campus, and earn a free meal while you’re at it. The program aims to cut down campus waste by giving students, staff and faculty the option of getting their food in a reusable, plastic container – instead of the typical compostable takeout container. Since the program started in 2016, more than 1500 take out containers have been kept out of the trash!

The program is as simple as visiting a partner vendor and requesting your meal in a Green to Go container. If it’s your first time using the program you’ll get a stamp card when you pay for your meal. When you finish your meal, return the empty container to the cashier at a participating vendor to get your card stamped. You don’t even have to wait in line.

Feel good knowing you’re not only reusing, but you’re also on your way to a free lunch —10 stamps gets you a free meal!

Green To Go Step 1 and 2Green To Go Step 3-4  

Request a Green to Go container at any of these partner locations

Robbins Health Learning Centre (Building 8):
The Lunch Box, Tavolino, Explore India

City Centre Market (Building 6):

Kick the Cup

We’re always searching for ways to reduce our footprint and produce less waste on campus. If you’re a regular in the Tim Horton’s or Starbucks’ lineup, and purchase a cup of coffee every week day, your caffeine kick contributes approximately 120 single use, disposable cups to the landfill each year. But it doesn’t have to! An obvious way to keep these cups out of the trash is to use your own reusable, travel mug instead of a disposable cup.

Kick the Cup is an initiative created to encourage students, staff and faculty to do just that. When you use your own mug, you’ll get a $0.10 - $0.25 discount—but the real prize is knowing you’re helping contribute to a more sustainable campus.

Participating locations include: Tim Hortons, Starbucks, C-Store, Robbins, The Bean’s List and Alberta College Campus.

Let’s all do our part to kick waste on campus!

Urban Beekeeping

We are committed to re-purposing campus space to grow food locally and naturally and activating solutions for positive environmental, social and economic impact. Our Urban Beekeeping project, launched in 2016, has a particular emphasis on increasing food security in an urban setting and focuses on education and economic sustainability as effective strategies for achieving these goals.


  • We have SIX rooftop flow hives and a ground-level bee hotel (meant for solitary bees).
  • As of May 2019, our hives were holding as much as 80,000 bees
  • To date, we’ve harvested more than 400 pounds of raw honey, which is sold at our Annual Harvest Sale and incorporated into Food Services’ menu offerings.
  • Our bees access flora within a 10km radius of our campus, which means no harvest is identical!

MacEwan Honey

Since 2016 , we have proudly served urban raw honey—fresh from the hive. No harvest is identical, as our bees access flora within a 10km radius of our campus. One thing’s for sure though: MacEwan Honey is like nothing you’ve tasted before. No pasteurization. No additives. No nonsense. Just fresh, sticky, delicious honey.

New to our lineup in 2018 was MacEwan Vinaigrette. The recipe, designed by our in-house chef and features MacEwan Honey, olive oil, mint and other delicious ingredients. This well-balanced dressing is perfect for salads, sandwiches or whatever else is on your plate.

Harvest Sale

MacEwan Honey and Vinaigrette are sold annually. Quantities are limited, so don’t miss out. Watch us on social media (@SustainMacEwanU) to see when the next sale is.

For more information about our Urban Beekeeping Project, please contact the Office of Sustainability at or visit


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