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Discover international fare, made on campus.
24 October, 2018

MacEwan Eats: Enjoying OVEN’s international meals could win you a $250 dining card

The MacEwan University community, just like Edmonton, is a mosaic of nations, each with their own culture and complex culinary style. Our team, here at MacEwan Eats is setting out to celebrate this diversity with a new international pop up on Wednesdays at OVEN. From Oct. 24 to Nov. 28 (excluding Reading Week), get ready to join us for a culinary adventure, with a chance to win a $250 campus dining card.

To enter, the rules are simple:

  1. Visit OVEN on Wednesdays

  2. Select OVEN’s weekly Wednesday feature

  3. Collect the OVEN Passport stamp card and/or have the corresponding date stamped

  4. Enjoy your meal

  5. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have at least three stamps

  6. Hand in your stamp card to a cashier

Intrigued? Food Services director Paul Treadwell thinks you should be.

“The big kicker is: you’ve got to eat,” Treadwell says. “Where else on campus do you get a chance to do what you’re going to do anyway, while also entering to win an amazing prize?”

So what can you expect on the menu? Treadwell says you’ll have to wait and see. “The features will be cross-continental, drawing influence from the Mediterranean, North America and a few others.” So, there you have it, grab your passports and prepare for take-off.

If you can’t make it to OVEN on Wednesdays, be sure to stop by any other day of the week for our standard menu: freshly made pizza and pasta.


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