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MacEwan Eats: Let your senses guide you
04 October, 2017

MacEwan Eats: Let your senses guide you

If you’re like most people, walking to Building 6 usually results in a beverage pickup. But what you haven’t tried yet is still waiting for you beyond the coffee lineup. Tucked beside the Multi-Purpose Room, you’ll find three MacEwan Eats gems: Oven, Taste and Season.

Oven is back again for a second year, and with a fiery new menu. Enjoy one of many oven pizza slices (made with fresh, quality ingredients) including our BBQ chicken and Deluxe—loaded with tasty toppings and warmed in the oven right in front of you.

Taste is our pop-up location and this term we have our own MacEwan Food Services Chef Nav’s burger creations. Here you’ll find delicious burgers with a variety of toppings. Try Chef Nav’s favourite, the Maple Onion Bacon Burger, a beef patty topped with an onion relish and smoky maple bacon, or our popular vegetarian Black Bean Burger that will fool even the non-vegetarians. Still hungry? Finish it off with a poutine and you’ll have a very satisfying meal.

Season is the newest addition to this lineup. This all-vegetarian and vegan deli serves up a variety of sandwiches and salads, plus a soup of the day. The combos here won’t leave you or your wallet hungry. Get a sandwich, half soup and half salad for just $10! Try the popular Caprese Sandwich and pair it with a Beet Citrus Salad for a flavourful lunch combo that will keep you going all day.

So let your senses guide you this term and discover the variety of great eats we have on campus. For more information on our vendors, visit us at MacEwanEats.ca.


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